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Sweet Scandinavian Modern Editable Binders and Spines

An educational teaching resource from The Simplistic Teacher entitled Sweet Scandinavian Modern Editable Binders and Spines downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Sweet Scandinavian Modern Editable Binders and Spines Package

An Ideal Resource For Educators: The Sweet Scandinavian Modern Editable Binders and Spines package is optimal for teachers as well as those who homeschool. This teaching tool offers a unique blend of creativity and organization suitable for early learning up to grade 6 education. It is fully customizable to personal needs through Microsoft PowerPoint.

Vast Range of Design Options

This teaching resource package boasts over 30 design options, offering plenty of creative freedom for educators wanting a Scandinavian aesthetic in their classroom or home-school setup. But its versatility isn't limited to aesthetic appeal.

Versatile Template Sizes:

  • The set contains templates designed for binders measuring 2 inches, 1 inch, and 1.5 inches in size.
  • We recommend using card stock for the best end result.

Possible Usage Scenarios:

  1. Whole-class settings where each student gets their personalized binder with custom labels printed on colorful designs.
  2. In small group arrangements, educators can use varying designs between study groups while keeping things tidy with same-sized binders designated to different units or subjects.
  3. As engaging homework tasks: students can generate lists of potential topics suitable for their personalized binders—an activity that pushes independent thought on syllabus-related categories while pushing responsibility towards self-organization.

Beyond acting as a systematic documentation tool—like holiday celebration worksheets or lesson plans during back-to-school periods—these charming binder resources also perform the role of mood boosters!


In short, this product looks at organization from an artistic perspective - it merges functionality, flexibility,& simple elegance into a single product that promises to transform any teaching space into something extra special!

What's Included


editable PPT. with binder spines for 2 inch, 1 inch, and 1.5 inch

**Printing on card stock helps create a more even, vibrant end result**

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