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Tetromino Printable Board Game (Editable Google Slides)

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About This Product

The Tetromino Printable Board Game is a top-tier teaching resource primarily designed for classroom use, especially during periods of inclement weather. Furthermore, it can be used as an entertaining reward mechanism for students who managed to finish their tasks ahead of time!

This game requires minimal preparation, offering educators an ideal print-and-play solution. Like classic falling block games, the Tetromino Printable Board Game caters to 1-4 students, depending on how many copies you choose to print.

The printable package includes:

  • The seven distinct pieces (tetrominos) that can fit twice over on a standard page.
  • A dedicated game board.
We recommended laminating each piece after printing for extended durability.

You receive this educational gem in two formats - a printable PDF file and editable Google Slides format. It's flexible and customizable according to your specific requirements!

Tetromino Printable Board Game:

Ideal strategy-building tool!

The rules are simple enough ensuring easy comprehension by students while also promoting concentration & strategic thinking skills among players making it more than just a fun-time activity! Whether utilized in group sessions during school hours or assigned individually as homework aiming at enhancing strategic thinking skills – the Tetromino Printable Board Game will prove extremely beneficial!

What's Included

Board game

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