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Thanksgiving ABC Match

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About This Product

Thanksgiving ABC Match: A Unique Educational Resource

Thanksgiving ABC Match is a comprehensive teaching set designed to elevate language arts skills among early learners in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. This alphabet activity has a Thanksgiving theme that makes learning about letters, letter identification, and uppercase and lowercase letter matching enjoyable for students.

Contents of the Set

The educational materials in this activity include:

  • Six pies decorated with capital letters.
  • 26 cream toppings marked with lower-case letters - students have to match these toppings to their corresponding pies
  • .
  • A free-form sheet that gives kids an opportunity to practice writing the alphabets on their own without any guiding prompts.
  • Two worksheets containing uppercase alphabets as guiding lines to be traced over using the lowercase examples provided during the pie-matching exercise. These are great for independent work or homework assignments!

To accommodate diverse educational needs and preferences, all resources are available in full color or standard black-and-white format.

Educational Benefits & Flexibility of Use

The Thanksgiving ABC Match, besides being fun-filled and Thanksgiving-themed, is foremost an effective way for children to acquire essential knowledge in Language Arts- Phonics area. It adds a playful touch to dry alphabet studies while retaining strong pedagogical value.

  • -The entire set can be downloaded as an easy-to-access PDF file consisting of 22 printable pages specifically tailored for varying ed-tech capabilities of schools or home teaching setups.

What's Included

A PDF file with 22 printable pages.

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alphabet letter identification uppercase letters lowercase letters Thanksgiving

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