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The Funfair: Reinforces The Phonic Sounds ea and ear (as in seat and dear)

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About This Product

The Funfair: Reinforces The Phonic Sounds ea and ear

This is a teaching resource designed to bolster the phonics learning experience for students ranging from preschoolers to second graders. It concentrates on the phonic sounds 'ea' and 'ear,' found in words like 'seat' and 'dear.' At the same time, it provides an engaging background for revising words with short vowel sounds and double consonants.

Product Features:
  • An integral part of the Learn To Read With Phonics Reading Packs series.
  • Designed to stimulate quick reading skills within six months.
  • Ideal for beginner readers, reluctant older readers, students with learning difficulties, or non-native English speakers.
Narrative Style:

Through an appealing narrative about Sam's adventures, this pack motivates children to hunt for concealed sounds across its pages. This gradually builds their library of 44 phonic sounds – enabling them to read about 80% of English language words by mentally segmenting them into individual syllables.


This resource offers flexibility which makes it apt not only for one-to-one instruction but also small group sessions both indoors & outdoors. Included are:

  1. The Bouncing Castle story content
  2. The Famous Cousin From The Country story content
    It also integrates practice pages that promote word-picture matching and phrase-image matching - effectively reinforcing sound-word association.
    1. User-friendly PDF format allows accessibility across multiple devices & offer portability options.
      Can be used independently as users can choose any sound they want to focus on without necessarily following a sequential order.


      By the time students complete their journey with this scheme, they would be ready to venture into solo reading books like Roald Dahl's 'Georges Marvellous Medicine' and 'Fantastic Mr Fox.' Thus, The Funfair: Reinforces The Phonic Sounds ea and ear uses a multifaceted approach to firmly establish phonics understanding in each child. This resource marries structured learning with fun exploration that is instrumental in early reading proficiency.

What's Included

18 pages

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phonics learning reading packs sound-word association engaging narrative practice pages

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