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Vocabulary Opportunity: As You Like It

An educational teaching resource from Jay Waggoner entitled Vocabulary Opportunity: As You Like It downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





Jay Waggoner
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About This Product

Vocabulary Opportunity: As You Like It is a unique teaching resource designed to provide educators with an interactive and engaging way to teach William Shakespeare's work, 'As You Like It'.

This crossword puzzle complements a review of the play, tasked with prompting critical thought and fostering enhanced understanding.

Designed for 8th-12th graders studying Language Arts, emphasizing literature and reading comprehension, it offers a pioneering learning opportunity.

Unlike standard crossword puzzles where each clue hints at the answer directly, this Vocabulary Opportunity introduces challenge blending fun with learning. Clues are conceived such that:

  • Students can discern some answers immediately boosting their interest.

  • The rest test their recall ability, comprehension of "As You Like It", vocabulary style & continuous engagement.

This dynamic puzzle acts as a robust tool for learners aiming to broaden their lexical resources while honing literary analysis skills. Still, it can be seamlessly adapted for pair or group activity fostering team-building in classrooms.

Upon completion—when difficulties have been embraced rather than avoided—students gain new insights through an improved cognitive process by overcoming challenges. They will cherish their accomplishment nurturing confidence in literary tasks making learning more rewarding.

Vocabulary Opportunity: As You Like It - a downloadable PDF isn't just another worksheet but instead serves as an impactful teaching strategy integrating cognitive components into literary studies impacting students' academic prowess forever.

The unique aspect of this resource ensures complete comprehensibility of Shakespearean text beyond mere memorization paving the way for focused discussions based on student responses. Consequently, its value notion has rendered Vocabulary Opportunity - As You Like It a vital tool among educators across the world.

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