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War of 1812 Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK

War of 1812 Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK
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About This Product

War of 1812 Interactive Foldable Booklets - EBOOK

An invaluable tool for teachers orchestrating lessons around America's Second War for Independence. This resource presents a nuanced look at this pivotal time in American history, suited for grade levels two through twelve, across 19 pages in convenient PDF format.

The War of 1812 comes alive!

Immerse your students in the gripping saga of the War of 1812. Dive deep into key facts about this historical conflict characterized by both its famous figures and critical battles. This resource conveniently contains three distinct booklets:

  • 'War of 1812 Facts'
  • 'Famous Men and Women of the War'
  • 'Important Battles'

Prominent Figures Feature Prominently!

A host of important personalities such as James Madison, Andrew Jackson, Winfield Scott, Isaac Brock and Dolly Madison take center stage within these pages. Encourage students to delve into each personality’s role throughout significant events like The Battle of Lake Erie or incendiary incidents like the burning of Washington D.C.

Create an Interactive Learning Experience !

The interactive nature affords learners a hands-on historical exploration. Detailed instructions on cutting, folding, and gluing operations required within these engaging foldable booklets allow students to interactively engage with history in a tactile manner that reinforces learning.

Versatility Personified!

This versatile resource can be used under multiple teaching settings including whole-group instruction or small group collaboration also doubles as an enriching homework assignment or review tool ahead for tests.

In Conclusion

Introducing this resource to your curriculum will dynamically enliven your classes’ educational journey through critical eras that have shaped America's story. It’s a perfect fit for USA History focused Social Studies lessons while promoting meaningful interaction between students.

What's Included

19 pages in PDF format

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