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Women's Suffrage: Lucretia Mott Interactive Foldable Booklets - EBOOK

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About This Product

Discover the life of women’s rights activist, Lucretia Mott, as you create these interactive foldables for your Interactive Notebook or Lapbook.



These 3 foldables cover:
•Lucretia Mott Basic Facts
•Lucretia Mott and the abolition movement
•Lucretia Mott: Women’s Rights



This product is downloadable as a PDF file. Print, cut, fold, and create!



Keywords: women, suffrage, equal rights, convention, abolition, temperance, hunger strike, marches, civil disobedience, vigils, amendment, Lucretia Mott, revolution, Seneca Falls, suffragist, interactive, foldable, notebook, Lapbook



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What's Included

10 pages in PDF format

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Women's SuffrageLucretia MottWomen's RightsEqual RightsVoting