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Word of the Day: Super Duper Words

An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled Word of the Day: Super Duper Words  downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Word of the Day: Super Duper Words

A highly engaging teaching resource, Word of the Day: Super Duper Words aims to enhance language arts proficiency captivating students' interest. It is particularly designed for kindergarten and first-grade level students with a strong focus on vocabulary subtopics.

The lessons are built around the entertaining adventures of the Wordly family, serving to spark children's creativity while introducing them to advanced vocabulary. These "Super Duper Words" are more than 10 letters long and separated into comprehensible syllables for easy learning.

Daily Interactive Sessions

In each session, teachers jot down the word from a lesson plan on a board and pronounce it aloud. Children are encouraged to repeat these words. This interaction allows children to appreciate the structure of each word by breaking it into smaller units that they can easily understand.

  • The instruction involves marking divisions between syllables with slashes.
  • Clapping is used as an exercise in pronunciation where each clap stands for one syllable unit.

Engaging Activity Suggestions

The resource also suggests constructing relevant activities within relatable contexts understood by children at this age group. This strategy aids in creating associations between complex words and meaningful situations leading to better retention in young learners' minds therefore making vocabulary learning enjoyable rather than tedious memory work..

Flexible Implementation Options

Word of the Day: Super Duper Words is supplied as one PDF file enabling its use across different learning environments without requiring additional software installations or digital tools!
Different implementation options include:
  1. All-inclusive classroom discussions involving entire class participation at once,
  2. Focus groups designed for more individualized student attention, and
  3. Homework assignments offering a private study time reinforcement.

This resource ultimately combines segmental teaching methods with narrative styles for a comprehensive language skills development. It also fosters interest in literature among early graders without being overly 'salesy'. Due to its usability and practicality, it is an ideal addition to any educator's literary tool kit.

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