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Word Search Puzzles and State Map of the United States

Word Search Puzzles and State Map of the United States
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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6, 7





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This printable pdf has 6 word search puzzles about United States:

US states: In this first puzzle, there are all 50 states. 

US state capitals: In the second word search puzzle, there are the state capitals, listed with the corresponding state. 

Other big cities: In this third word search, there are 46 cities of the United States that are not state capitals, like Dallas (Texas), San Francisco (California), Miami (Florida) and Baltimore (Maryland).

Presidents: In this word search puzzle, there are names of all 45 US presidents up to Joe Biden (Grover Cleveland was in office two times but is one name in the list). In brackets are the years of service.

Some rivers in US In this puzzle, there are names of some rivers like Red River, Snake River, Yukon River and Colorado River.

Some national parks This word search has 35 names of national parks in the US. Some examples are Denali, Yellowstone, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, Rocky Mountain and Great Smoky Mountains.  

States map On page 10, there is a map of states of the United States without any labels or text. Students can use this to name states to this map, or use it in other projects. 

States named On page 11, there is the same map of the US with states written in. This will serve as a solution to the map of the previous page, or students can also use it for projects, wallpapers etc. as it is. 

 All answers are included.

How to use: Words can be vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If there is a spacebar or - in the name, it is omitted in the word search. These word searches are best suitable for upper elementary or middle school students. 

What's Included

Printable pdf with 11 pages. (6 pages of word search, 3 pages word search answers, 2 pages of maps)

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