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WORDSEARCH "Las frutas" | Spanish Learning

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About This Product

Hello, welcome to my publishing house ARENAS EDUCATIVAS, we are an educational corporation that is dedicated to the development of teaching resources. Our purpose is to make children have a happy education and that is why we believe that when they use educational elements in the classroom, they will learn better.

For this reason, today we have taken a special time to prepare this fantastic worksheet for those students who want to learn Spanish and everything is based on a famous game that is very popular worldwide called "Word Soup", which is a game for students to use most of their cognitive processes such as attention, visualization, concentration.

As is known, Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world and we imagine that there are parts of the world that want to learn this wonderful language, therefore, one of the essential parts of vocabulary in Spanish is the topic of fruits, for Today we have brought you these 10 basic words about fruits.

1. Product name:

The name of this product is "Fruit word search in Spanish"

2. Number of pages:

This educational document contains 3 fabulous pages ready to be printed and used by you.

3. Is it editable or not? It is not editable.

4. Theme: Fruits

5. Document version: Available in PDF, A4 size.

6. Color or white/black: Black and white available

7. Aimed at children of ages: It is not specifically for any grade.

8. Area: Learning Spanish.

9. Keywords: Spanish, worksheets in Spanish, learning Spanish, Spanish exercises, worksheets to work on Spanish.

10. How do I print it? You can print this document as is, because they are in the ideal size.

11. How to apply it in class? You can preferably apply it individually because it is a simple activity.

12. Will you need extra elements to use this sheet? Yes, students will need a pencil, eraser, and colors to select each word.

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