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Write To Persuade: Come To Seaside World (9-14 years)

Write To Persuade: Come To Seaside World (9-14 years)
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About This Product

Write To Persuade: Come To Seaside World

This comprehensive teaching aid is aimed at children aged 9-14 years old and takes them on a guide to mastering persuasive writing. By walking through creating letters, pamphlets, brochures, and newspaper articles, learners will learn how to write persuasively in several academic contexts.

Main Features:
  • Diverse starting points for creating persuasive content.
  • A focus on organisational and literary devices such as repetition mastery and emotive words usage.
  • A layer of understanding towards tailored writing for varied audiences.

The learning aid emphasises the importance of spelling accuracy, punctuation use, and grammatical correctness in successfully conveying your message. It presents example student essays that illustrate these norms clearly alongside practice questions designed around those compositions.

Corrective Feedback and Tips for Success

The Write To Persuade pack provides corrective feedback on common learner mistakes along with useful tips that bring achievement success within each session's reach. Our flexible ordering allows you to choose what you need when you need it without worrying about sequence constraints!

Suitable for both independent study or supplementary lessons:
  • This all-in-one package eases lesson development with pre-packaged essays covering non-fiction topics essential in pupils' learning trajectory.

Suitable Grades:
    Ideal transition tool from Grade 4 to Grade 7 progressively making every day better!
Included Subjects:
Targeted at Language Arts subjects with an emphasis on writing and worksheets.
Delivered in an accessible, hassle-free PDF format. Let's increase productivity and get down to the art of persuasive writing with our pack!

What's Included

15 pages

Resource Tags

persuasive writing literacy skills varied formats organisational devices practice questions

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