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Writing And Comprehension Practice: Let’s Go On A Ride (4-8 years)

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About This Product

Writing And Comprehension Practice: Let’s Go On A Ride (4-8 years)

This resource surpasses traditional educational tools. It's specially crafted for educators in the Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 education sectors. It focuses on:

  • Long vowel sounds
  • Magic e
  • Vowel digraphs such as oo, ee, ar or ir ur er

Detailed Phonics Practice & Worksheets

The meticulously designed phonic writing practice and comprehensive worksheets align perfectly with the phonic reading and spelling themes of its paired book from 'Mission Spelling Zero' Scheme: 'Let's Go on a Ride'.

Brief Overview of Learning Activities:

  1. Skill Building: Students gain mastery over language elements one step at a time.
  2. Vocabulary Enhancement:Incorporates carefully selected spellings ready to be learned.
  3. Comprehension Exercises:Presents simple comprehension exercises based on the story.
    This boosts learners’ integrated understanding by connecting what they read with what they write and understand.

Mission Spelling Zero scheme Engagement Perspective'

Zoggy - an alien wizard with superlative computer skills accompanies children process initial sounds via personal storytelling; building their knowledge about double consonant blends plus vowel digraphs.

Creative Learning Activities To Be Explored!
A series of writing booklets are incorporated along skillfully crafted gameplay that consolidates learned concepts. Remember this is supposed to be used as a companion material to the green-levelled storybook - 'Let's Go On A Ride' from the Mission Spelling Zero series. This practice guide comes with 27 insightful pages in PDF format that open doorways towards proficiency in reading and spelling. Welcome aboard on this learning ride!

What's Included

27 pages

Resource Tags

phonics reinforcement long vowel sounds magic e vowel digraphs comprehension exercises

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