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Learning Resources Producer

Meet Maura Xavier Garcia, an accomplished educator, linguistic enthusiast, and creative mind dedicated to fostering meaningful learning experiences. With over three decades of teaching and lecturing expertise, Maura has continuously pushed the boundaries of education, while exploring the realms of translation, interpretation, and content creation as a versatile freelance professional. Throughout Maura's illustrious career, she has authored captivating didactic books and expertly crafted engaging workshops and short courses, aiming to captivate learners and empower them with knowledge. Her passion for educational content production shines through, bringing a fresh and dynamic perspective to the learning landscape. Embracing the ever-evolving educational landscape, Maura has recently honed their skills in Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching, adding an innovative dimension to her vast repertoire. Armed with these powerful tools, she is eager to share her wealth of experience and contribute to the transformative "commitment to learning" movement that our century has witnessed. When it comes to teaching, Maura takes a unique and adaptive approach, blending the most effective strategies and techniques from various methodologies. With a keen sense of her audience and a deep understanding of the subject matter, she meticulously tailors her lessons to create an immersive and impactful learning experience. Academically, Maura holds a Master's degree in Literary and Linguistic Studies from the esteemed University of São Paulo. She has also obtained a Bachelor's degree in Translation from Unibero, São Paulo, and a Licentiate in Portuguese-English from the same institution. Furthermore, Maura has pursued specialized studies in Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching from InsideYou NLP-Coaching, São Paulo, cementing her expertise in these transformative disciplines. But Maura's journey extends beyond the realm of education. She has embraced diverse opportunities, immersing herself in various industries, including the health sector, financial sector, volunteering, and the hotel and tourism industry. These diverse experiences have not only equipped Maura] with invaluable skills in interpersonal communication but have also granted her a rich cultural knowledge that enriches her teaching and interactions with others. As Maura steps forward into the future, her commitment to cultivating a love for learning remains unwavering. Her multifaceted background, passion for education, and expertise in Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching position her as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Join Maura on this exciting journey of discovery and unlock your true potential in the world of knowledge and self-development.