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Les parties du corps

Les parties du corps
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About This Product

This lesson is designed to introduce body parts in French using a slideshow presentation. The slideshow consists of approximately 45 slides featuring beautiful images, IPA French transcriptions, and color-coded sentences to aid in vocabulary retention. The teacher can utilize the slides to guide the students through the pronunciation of the body parts. Additionally, the slides can be used to engage the students in interactive activities such as identifying and labeling body parts directly on the images.

Towards the end of the lesson, it is important for the teacher and the students to engage in practical exercises to reinforce their learning. They can practice talking about their own bodies, including the number of eyes, nose, and other body parts they have. They can describe what they can do with certain body parts and follow commands related to body movements. Moreover, they can describe their body parts using adjectives to express whether they are big or small.

By incorporating these interactive activities and encouraging students to actively participate in describing their bodies, the teacher can create a dynamic learning environment that encourages language practice and deepens their understanding of the body parts vocabulary in French.

This is a ready to use presentation!

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What's Included

The lesson is delivered as a PowerPoint presentation show file

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