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Les parties du corps

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About This Product

"Les parties du corps" - An Educational Resource

"Les parties du corps" is a meticulously structured educational resource designed to introduce and reinforce the vocabulary associated with various body parts in French. It uses a vivid slideshow presentation, inviting learner interaction and facilitating comprehensive language learning.

What's in the Package?

  • A PowerPoint material composed of about 45 captivating slides.
  • IPA French transcriptions and color-coded sentences assisting in vocabulary retention.
  • A roadmap to guide learners through effective pronunciation mastery of different body parts.

The slides are impressively versatile, serving dual purposes. They not only guide the learner's pronunciation but also provide opportunities for active engagement through identification and labeling practices.

Culmination of Lesson

In an innovative end to this lesson, students are encouraged to apply their learnings by discussing their own bodies. This involves using suitable adjectives such as size—big or small—thus ensuring due attention is provided to practicing descriptive capabilities within language arts.
Moreover, an important notice about digital copyright parameters is shared with buyers—the license allows usage of this material only within one classroom; any alterations or redistributions without direct permissions from the creator are prohibited under Digital Millennium Copyright Act's regulations. This resource serves as an indispensable tool for educators teaching Language Arts at non-grade-specific levels. Whether it be home-based or public school environments, these slides foster active participation from learners while ensuring real-life connections, promoting practical applications beyond rote memorization.

What's Included

The lesson is delivered as a PowerPoint presentation show file

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body parts French vocabulary interactive slides language learning classroom resource

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