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1 Digit Addition 20 Questions Math Classroom Game in Owl Theme

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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

1 Digit Addition 20 Questions Math Classroom Game in Owl Theme

An ideal teaching resource for educators in public schools and homeschool settings, the 1 Digit Addition 20 Questions Math Classroom Game provides an interactive method to master the fundamental concepts of math. This game, which is particularly appealing for learners from kindergarten to grade 1, concentrates on one-digit addition.

Vibrant and Engaging Interface

The resource comes with animations and sound effects intended to captivate young minds. The lively effects combined with an exciting owl theme transform learning into a fun-filled adventure rather than being tedious.

An Excellent Blend of Learning and Fun

  • Fundamentals: Focuses on one-digit addition—a critical arithmetic operation every student needs to understand thoroughly.
  • Format: Uses a unique format of PowerPoint games involving 20 questions about one-digit addition.

Flexibility at its Best

Offering adaptability like no other, this resource allows you as an educator or a homeschooler parent to modify the texts according to your students’ educational needs using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Inclusive Learning Environment & Versatility
  1. Holistic Approach: These games can be used as part of whole group instruction contributing towards a collaborative learning environment.
  2. Promote Team Work: Divide students into small groups for friendly competition.
  3. Tailored Assignments: Individually-tailored homework assignments could also involve practicing at home using these games!

Overview: If aromatic teaching using engaging activities resonates with your instructional style, you can rely on this resource to enhance classroom dynamics while strictly adhering to high academic standards.

What's Included


- 1 digit addition 20 Questions game

- Game sounds, animations & sound effects included

- Instruction on how to play the game & how to edit text

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