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10 Secret Picture Tile Games - Rounding Decimals (Print & Digital)

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Introducing 10 Secret Picture Tile Games - Rounding Decimals (Print & Digital)

A fun and interactive teaching tool specially tailored for Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5 students.

The Game Design

Nestled within this unique game is the opportunity to practice rounding decimals problems. Students are motivated by their curiosity and the exhilarating realization of uncovering hidden pictures at each level. It forms a vibrant blend of challenge and excitement engaging their mathematical skills as they proceed with each round in the game.

Included Items:

  • An Answer Key in PDF format – A comprehensive guide to provide solutions for all questions posed in real-time gaming experience. This feature assists teachers significantly by offering immediate answers thereby saving them precious time during review or clarification sessions.
  • Dual-format Availability – The Game is available both as print-ready PDF files featuring 25 printable pages as well as a compatible format designed specifically for digital engagement. Whether conducting classes physically or online, teachers have the convenience of leveraging whichever mode suits their respective teaching scenarios best.
Possible Setups:
  1. Group Learning setting: Suitable for classrooms handling numerous students at once promoting community learning environs where knowledge sharing instances are apparent.
  2. Focused Skills Development:: Ideal for tailoring specific mathematical areas amongst a smaller group of students where focused scope on overall improvement becomes inevitable.
Bonus Application: Take-home Assignments!

This educational tool could also be given out as take-away work assignments given its easy digital accessibility!

To conclude,

The inventive '10 Secret Picture Tile Games - Rounding Decimals (Print & Digital)' is a potent educational resource that embraces the concept of 'learning through play' and outlines an attractive learning structure focusing on decimals. Offering widespread benefits, it plugs neatly into several teaching strategies without losing sight of aligning to curriculum objectives underpinning Grades 3-5 Mathematics Units.

Embrace this interactive teaching tool for seamless learning enjoyment!

What's Included

25 printable pages in PDF Format

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