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1st 100 Fry Sight Words, Color by Sight Words Practice Game - SET 9 (a)

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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product


The teaching resource in focus is the 1st 100 Fry Sight Words, Color by Sight Words Practice Game - SET 9 (a). This tool thrives on the idea of combining learning and fun, effectively aiding in developing reading skills for children of kindergarten age, first grade, or any newcomers to reading.

Activity Description

This set utilizes a recognizable method which helps motivate young learners through its interactive form i.e., color by sight words. Each worksheet comes with a

  • Medley of boxes with respective sight words at the top written in varying colors.
  • This coloring activity aids fine motor skill development as well!

Bonus Advantages

Hand-eye coordination improvement coupled with better control over fine motor functions come as bonus advantages while undertaking such activities that require precision+focus like coloring does!

Homeschooling Parents and Tutors

Likewise, homeschooling parents or tutors will also find this game set worthwhile when facilitating guided learning experiences aiming at boosting reading capabilities from home.

Vocabulary And Spelling Skills Improvement :

In summary, the 1st 100 Fry Sight Words, Color by Sight Word Practice Game Set 9 (a) is a must-have resource for educators wanting to boost reading skills development with an engaging and interactive set of activities.

What's Included

1 PDF (15 Pages, US Letter Size)

Resource Tags

sight words reading skills interactive activities vocabulary fine motor skills

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