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About This Product

Hello! Thank you very much for being part of EDITORIAL ARENAS EDUCATIVAS. We are a company dedicated to the production of resource sheets for primary education. We want to make children's education one of the most wonderful experiences, full of happiness, enthusiasm and unforgettable.

That is why I invite you to download this document as soon as possible, which is available free of charge for a certain period of time.

1. Brief introduction:

Learning multiplication is sometimes a headache for many children who think it is a tedious subject. However, thanks to these 20 fabulous multiplication worksheets, it will be much easier for your students to understand the concept of multiplication.

2. Product Description:

This educational document contains 20 multiplication flashcards for your students to solve the operations and select the correct answer.

3. Benefits of using this product:

Flashcards or clip cards are interesting elements for children because they can manipulate them and select their answers, allowing them to self-correct if they made any mistakes and exchange the cards among themselves.

4. Number of pages contained in this document:

This educational document contains 5 fabulous pages. Each page contains 4 flashcards, which in total makes 20 multiplication tables flashcards ready to be used.

5. Topic addressed in this document:

The topic to be developed in these flashcards is the multiplication of the tables from 1 to 10.

6. Children's ages in which it can be applied:

You can apply these primers to children who have already mastered the topic of addition and subtraction, and are now tasked with working on multiplication. This way, you can use these worksheets with children ages 8 and up.

7. Version in which this resource is found:

These booklets are available in PDF format and A4 size.

8. Author:

The author of these sheets is EDITORIAL ARENAS EDUCATIVAS.

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