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30 Silly Songs

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About This Product

The 30 Silly Songs collection is carefully designed as an ideal teaching resource targeting Grades: Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Its fundamental role is to incorporate arts & music into the learning routine of students in a fun-filled manner. The zany tunes are sure to captivate children’s attention while also embedding valuable lessons within each song.

Your students will find pleasure amidst the silliness while subtly grasping educational elements woven into each song's lyrics. Simple melodies and rhythms serve as vehicles for such lessons, which your kid won't even notice since they'll be engaged in singing along!

Comprehensive Audio Collection

This bundled resource comes as a single zip file reserve of 30 songs - with each tune introducing different themes ranging from:

  • Daily routines,
  • To shapes,
  • To colors!

Social Skills & Alternative Assignments

This laughing-and-learning collection works in both whole group sessions or smaller groups – promoting social skills among peers. Alternatively, you can issue these tracks as engaging homework assignments where children involve their parents or siblings at home - making education a family affair!

In essence:

This compilation of silly anthems offers boundless applications! Making use of digitally capable resources like this ensures flexibility catering to evolving educational landscapes, without losing sight of nurturing creativity among young learners.

Add rhythm into your regular classroom routine with the 30 Silly Songs collection – infusing excitement within learning tirelessly!

What's Included

1 zip file with 30 songs

Resource Tags

silly songs teaching resource educational music fun-filled learning classroom activities

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