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3rd Grade Color by Code Math Worksheet - Addition and Subtraction

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About This Product

Reviewing 3rd grade math standards is a must to help your students succeed. There are so many new concepts they have to learn throughout the year, but we really don't want them to forget what they've already learned. A fun way to get students practicing key concepts is to have math color pages.

This math color by code has students answer several addition and subtraction problems. There are problems with both 3 and 4 digits. There are some where students will have to know how to subtract across 0s. Once they have their answer, they then color in the sections based on what their answer is.

You may need to do a problem on the page with them, to make sure students understand the code. This code has students look for numbers between other numbers. For example, they will need to color based on an answer being between 100-199. Make sure they understand exactly what that means and how many numbers that includes.

When I do this with my students they always have to show their answer, and not just the color. I have students complete the problems in pencil and color around. Or, they can trace with a sharpie and color over that. If they only have the color, you won't know if they truly understand the skill.

What's Included

You will get a pdf with 2 pages. One will be the worksheet and the second is the answer key.

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