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4th 100 Fry Sight Words, Color by Sight Words Game - SET 9 (a)

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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

The 4th 100 Fry Sight Words, Color by Sight Words Game - SET 9 (a)

This distinct learning resource is perfect for kindergarteners, first graders, or any beginners embarking on their reading journey. The set's focus is primarily on sight word recognition and comprehension—crucial elements in a child's literacy development.

Unique Teaching Tools Included

  • A compilation of fifteen user-friendly worksheets.
  • Each worksheet features a list of sight words at the top and corresponding color keys making learning an exciting game.
  • An ideal tool for visual learners with color-coding system aiding in the effortless memorization of important vocabulary.

Versatility & Customizability

This versatile resource can be smoothly incorporated into various educational situations—from group classes to one-on-one tutoring sessions. The formatting has been intentionally kept basic allowing for customization fitting individual student needs.

Apart from Academic Benefits – There’s More!

  1. Honing fine motor skills through coloring tasks,
  2. Promoting hand-eye coordination,
  3. Paving way for relaxation and enjoyment whilst learning - Blurring the boundaries between mundane tasks & lively sessions!

In conclusion, Set 9a of Sight Words Worksheets from Teach Simple ultimately makes education enjoyable while encouraging a true passion for lifelong learning!

Note: This set includes words such as 'across', 'against', 'area', 'become'... and covers significant academic areas like Language Arts: Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary. Available in an easy-to-use PDF format—start transforming your teaching today!

What's Included

1 PDF (15 Pages, US Letter Size)

Resource Tags

sight words color coding literacy development reading skills fine motor skills

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