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5 Writing Organizers + Bonus Features | Write Like a SUPERSTAR!

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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

5 Writing Organizers + Bonus Features | Write Like a SUPERSTAR!

This highly versatile teaching resource caters primarily to educators focusing on Grades 2 to 4. It aims to augment students' writing abilities and deepen their cognizance of varied writing styles in an enthralling manner.

The resource can be utilized in situations such as whole group discussions, small group activities or homework assignments.


  1. Fictional Narrative: Promotes creative thinking and improves narrative skills.
  2. Persuasive Essay : Sharpens ability to persuade while fostering structured argument articulation.
  3. Personal Narrative: Boosts introspection while enhancing expressive communication.
  4. Informative Report : Encourages fact-based, coherent presentation prefaced by research skills enhancementi.
  5. A supplementary feature is the inclusion of purposeful brainstorming exercises ensuing each module. This helps learners cogitate effectively preceding the actual act of writing. This strengthens their understanding significantly.

Bonus features include:

  • Lined Paper Templates: Ideal for both draft writings and final pieces, these templates foster neatness and presentability in written work.

  • Note: For convenience this product is hosted in the easy-to-use PDF format across eight pages. Teachers can easily share it with students by printing hard copies or sharing via digital platforms for remote learning scenarios.
    As professional teachers painstakingly design lesson plans that stimulate young minds, balanced with home-schoolers managing assorted responsibilities at once – this teaching aid proves crucial towards consolidated execution without conceding the high quality of instruction.
    Fundamentally, these '5 Writing Organizers' can be a formative standalone tool or an essential piece within a wider curriculum that promotes continuity in educating. Moreover, it works on progressively heightening students’ abilities in written communication – aiding them to Write Like A SUPERSTAR!

What's Included

8 PDF Pages

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