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5th Grade TEKS Science Student Data Tracking Sheets

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Grade 5



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About This Product

Are you a fifth grade science teacher trying to JUMPSTART your students' learning by helping them monitor their progress in each of the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills?

These printable student data tracking sheets will...

⭐️ encourage your class to be more accountable for their learning

⭐️ increase motivation and foster a growth mindset among your students

⭐️ help your students better understand feedback and recognize where they are in the learning process

All with a relatable, sports themed twist!

What's Included:

  • 5 student data tracking graphs with the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills organized by domain/strand:

    • Scientific Investigation & Reasoning [2 tracking sheets]

      • TEKS.SCI.5.1.A - 5.2.G

      • TEKS.SCI.5.3.A - 5.4.A

    • Matter, Energy, Force & Motion [1 tracking sheet]

      • TEKS.SCI.5.5.A - 5.6.D

    • Earth & Space [1 tracking sheet]

      • TEKS.SCI.5.7.A - 5.8.D

    • Organisms & Environments [1 tracking sheet]

      • TEKS.SCI.5.9.A - 5.10.B

  • Each set of standards trackers includes TWO options to choose from for the achievement scale (with and without proficiency level 2.5) = 10 tracking sheets in all

✏️ How to Use this Resource:

  • After giving a formative or summative assessment of a science standard/skill, provide each student with feedback that includes their level of understanding (1-4). Students should locate the standard on their data tracking sheet and shade their level (creating a bar graph).

  • As they continue to work on a standard and receive additional feedback, they will monitor their growth by shading up to their new level. Their goal is to reach level 3 or higher in each Texas standard by the end of the year.

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