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7 BRAIN GAMES | Copy the model

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About This Product

1. Brief introduction:

Brain games are great educational tools for children because they have multiple benefits.

2. Title of the pedagogical resource:

The title of this fabulous educational resource is "7 Concentration Worksheets for Kids to Copy Line Models"

3. Topic to work on:

The topic to work on in these worksheets is reasoning and visual concentration.

4. Area of knowledge where it should be applied:

You will be able to apply these worksheets in the reasoning area.

5. Number of pages contained:

This educational document contains 7 fabulous worksheets ready to be worked on by your students. On each page you will find 2 exercises, that is, in total you will have 14 exercises available.

6. Is it available in color or white/black?

Available in black and white so that it is much easier for you to use and print them without problems.

7. What version is it available in?

It is available in PDF version, A4 size.

8. Editable/Not Editable:

This document is not editable because it will be much easier for you to print it and avoid inconveniences caused by the pieces of the document moving.

9. Age at which it can be applied:

You can apply this game to children of any age who are interested in developing their intelligence through these fascinating games.

10. Tags or keywords that describe the content:

intelligence, intelligence worksheets, worksheets for children, games for children, intelligence games, reasoning worksheets, reasoning.

11. Ways to print:

Print this document as it is, because they are the perfect size to be developed by our students, and this way they will have enough space to make the lines they must copy.

12. Forms of application in class:

You can preferably apply individually because the exercises are extremely easy and quick to solve, so don't worry that this game will not take much time to complete.

13. Will you need extra elements to use this sheet?

Yes, your students will need a pencil, eraser, or perhaps markers or colors to make the lines.

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