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A Million Miles Away: Complete Movie Guide

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José Moreno Hernández grew up in the California. His parents were migrant workers from Mexico. While in California, Jose had to move around from school-to-school as his parents found work. One teacher, Ms. Young, spoke to his parents about Jose's potential and about the need to stop moving around for the sake of their children. After a while, his family stopped moving around and settled in Stockton, CA. During this time, Jose began to excel at school and was admitted to a university, where he studied engineering. After his studies he worked at Lawerence Livermore Lab in northern California. He slowly began impressing his colleagues and was given larger roles inside the company. Despite all his successes, Jose was fixated on becoming an astronaut. He applied countless times to NASA, and was finally given the chance to pursue his dream.

This 33-question video guide is student friendly and will help your students get this most out of this powerfully inspirational film. The students will be able to follow along with the film and pull away the most significant insights of the film. The movie can be found on Amazon Prime. This products includes both PDF and digital versions! Excellent for Hispanic Heritage Month!

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