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ACE Words Emergent Reader: I Can Trace It!

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

ACE Words Emergent Reader: I Can Trace It!

ACE Words Emergent Reader: I Can Trace It! is a teaching resource specifically designed to enrich the learning of kindergarteners and first-grade students. This educational product combines ACE words with sight word activities, providing an effective strategy for educators.

About The Product

  • The emergent reader center focuses on ACE words, while also incorporating simple sight words.
  • Nicknamed "I Can Trace It!!", the book includes images that students may trace and color to enhance their comprehension skills.
  • The use of ACE word families in combination with easy-to-understand sight words aids beginner-level reading and comprehension.
  • The book comprises five pages apart from a cover page. Its beginner-friendly sentence structures significantly ease reading efforts.

Versatile Uses

  1. This activity can be incorporated in multiple ways, such as literacy center activity for collective learning or dividing larger classes into smaller groups for focused tutoring sessions.
  2. Ideal for independent practice tasks or homework assignments, the book can easily be converted into reading material at your reading center as well.

Dual Benefits

    • Serves as a tool assessing multiple skills including direction following capabilities and context-based proficiencies
  1. In addition to helping students identify color vocabularies,it also enhances proficiency in ACE and simple sight-word reading.
Ease of Assembly

User-friendliness is at the heart of our product design. Students simply need to color each page or complete assigned activities, cut them carefully down the middle, and staple them together in order using the cover page.

Embrace I Can Trace It! Boost your learning environment with interactive, multi-functional teaching resources that students can take home.

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