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Adding with Shells up to 10 Task Cards

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2





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Title: Adding with Shells up to 10 Task Cards

The resource in focus, 'Adding with Shells up to 10 Task Cards', is an innovative teaching tool meticulously designed for educators focused on teaching mathematics up to grade two level. This resource, precisely aimed at public school teachers and homeschoolers, presents a remarkable hands-on approach catering primarily towards maths instruction in kindergarten up to the second grade.

This learning material revolves around twenty distinctive task cards showcasing engaging and fun imagery of shells, serving as visual aids for the students. The images are intended solely to aid students envision single-digit numbers vividly enhancing their number addition skills effectively. Every page incorporates four different task cards offering ample practice opportunities and math challenges for young learners.

Key Features:

  • An essential toolkit even provides a recording sheet with each set of task cards.
  • The recording sheet helps educators maintain detailed records of practiced tasks promoting sustained academic growth.
  • An answer key is also included in it for unambiguous progression checks and affirm error-free self-assessments by both instructors as well as learners alike garnering seamless comprehension.

The complete set is compiled meticulously into one PDF file ensuring hassle-free digital accessibility for every user leading towards smooth execution during instruction whether used individually or within groups irrespective of size;. Thus making these 'Adding with Shells upto 10 Task Cards' suitable for whole group presentations or small breakout sessions along with assigning homework using the same resources if need be.

"Specifically devised", keeping Kindergarten through Grade 2 curriculums in mind essentially aimed at mathematics instructions focussed on addition exercises; these fun-filled activities effortlessly integrate into diverse classroom contexts while fostering vibrant learning environments further instigating stronger grasp over fundamental arithmetic concepts most particularly involving addition under ten.

What's Included

1 PDF File

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1 Addition practice 2 Task cards 3 Hands-on learning 4 Visual aids 5 Math challenges

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