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ADDITION CARDS - Addition up to 20

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Grade 1, 2, 3



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About This Product

1. Product name:

"Addition cards with results up to 20"

2. Page number:

This pedagogical document contains 24 pages.

3. Is it editable or not?

This educational resource is not editable, it is ready to be printed directly.

4. Theme:

Sums with results up to 20.

5. Document version:

This educational sheet is available in PDF format, A4 size.

6. Color or white/black:

This pedagogical resource is available in colors, I recommend that you make the greatest effort to print it in colors, so that it is much more attractive and fun for your students. It is scientifically proven that colors make educational materials more attractive.

7. Aimed at children of ages:

This educational sheet is prepared for children of 5,6, 7 years old who already do sums in the abstract stage and whose results are up to 20.

8. Area:

This educational resource can be used in the area of teaching mathematics for children.

9. Keywords:

mathematics, mathematical resources, flashcards, additions, additions up to 10, additions up to 20, addition exercises, addition exercises for children, additions for children, additions up to 10 for children, additions up to 20 for children.

10. How do I print it?

I suggest that you reduce 2 pages into 1, and do it in color, and staple it so that it is like an exercise booklet for your students.

11. How to apply it in class?

I suggest that you apply these sheets individually or for your students to work on in pairs.

12. Will you need extra elements to use this sheet?

Yes, you will need to use a pencil and eraser to solve each of the exercises.

13. Standards:

This educational sheet was not prepared in any specific educational standard.

14: Answer key:

This educational sheet does not contain the answer key.

15. Variations in its application:

According to the creativity of whoever is going to use it.

Resource Tags

addition up to 20 addition to 20 addition to 10 flashcards addition addition for kids

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