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Ancient Egypt Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

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About This Product

Ancient Egypt Lapbook/Interactive Notebook

The Ancient Egypt Lapbook/Interactive Notebook is an educational tool targeting the rich civilization flourishing on the banks of Nile River nearly five millennia ago. It highlights aspects like hieroglyphic writing, grand rulers such as King Tutankhamun and Cleopatra, and the Rosetta Stone.

Comprehensive Study Guide

This resource doubles as a comprehensive Study Guide replete with numerous resources for additional independent research. This guide is versatile enough to be used stand-alone or supplementally with any history curriculum.

Inclusive File

You get access to an extensive PDF file packed with information to engage students from Kindergarten up till Grade 8. The product contains specific instructions along with all required templates for seamless learning.

Lapbook or Interactive Notebook?

The Ancient Egypt resource's flexible model allows learners to either develop an Interactive Notebook or craft a chic Lapbook. This method engages young learners visually and kinetically, helping them retain what they've learned in their long-term memory.

  • Topical Discussions: The Ancient Egypt Interactive ebook spans across 61 pages covering captivating topics like Pyramids, Book of The Dead, Nefertiti & Akhenaten's regime etc.
  • Famous Personalities: Deep dive into iconic figures like King Tutankhamun & Cleopatra who shaped Ancient Egypt.
  • Practical Application: This tool has gained unanimous applauds among educators worldwide focusing on subjects like Social Studies . They found it extremely beneficial serving different pedagogical models - group study sessions or even individual homework assignments.

    If you are looking for effective teaching solutions focused on ancient cultures around the globe, the Ancient Egypt Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK is an invaluable resource. It combines research-based information structured optimally fostering immense learning potential coupled with enjoyable interactivity for understanding complex historical data simplified.

What's Included

61 pages in PDF format

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Ancient Egypt Interactive Notebook Lapbook Hieroglyphics Pharaohs

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