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Ancient Rome Interactive Foldable Booklets - EBOOK

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Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

Ancient Rome Interactive Foldable Booklets - EBOOK

This Ancient Rome Interactive Foldable Booklets - EBOOK is a unique resource designed to enrich your teaching of ancient history for grade 2 to grade 8 students. It enables learners to explore the fascinating world of ancient Rome in an engaging and interactive manner. The resource includes foldables suitable for use in an Interactive Notebook or Lapbook experience.


  • Versatile design with both full-color and black & white versions
  • Covers important aspects about ancient Rome including its structure, culture, art forms and religious practices, Roman Mythology, Senate, Caesar and Emperorship.
  • Inclusive of instructions for cutting, folding and gluing within the downloadable PDF file making the creation process seamless.
  • Incorporates keywords such as Ancient Rome, Roman History & Culture along with personalities like Julius Caesar & Nero down to significant landmarks like Pompeii

This eBook offers an interactive approach towards learning which can be incorporated during whole group sessions or small group work. The product counts as a valuable tool in transforming ordinary lessons into extraordinary ones by presenting information relevantly packaged so young learners can connect past civilizations impacts on today's world.

Note: Other products focusing on alternate civilisations such as Aztecs or Maya among others are available offering similar interactive learning experiences encapsulating ancient global civilisations.

What's Included

24 pages in PDF format

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Ancient Rome Interactive Foldable Booklets Social Studies History

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