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Ancient Aztec Interactive Foldable Booklets - EBOOK

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About This Product

The Ancient Aztec Interactive Foldable Booklets - EBOOK

This teaching resource focuses on the ancient Aztecs and provides an engaging way to learn about this historical era. It's suitable for grades two through twelve and can seamlessly integrate into interactive notebooks or lapbooks.

Main Features:
  • Information about basic facts of ancient Aztecs
  • Details of specific notable individuals from the era
  • A hands-on approach with instructions for cutting, folding, and gluing
  • Coverage of key aspects like art, mythology, architecture and government of ancient times
Digital Format:

The 18 pages are provided in PDF format to ensure easy accessibility across various digital platforms. Both full-color and black & white versions are included suiting varied teaching preferences.

Flexible Usage:

This resource can be used as a whole-group activity in classrooms or in smaller groups during breakout sessions. It also proves valuable as a homework assignment promoting independent study at home.

Inclusion of Historical Events:

The content includes critical epochs like Tenochtitlan epoch to Spanish Conquest under Montezuma thereby deepening students' historical understanding while sparking interest. Figures such as Hernan Cortes have been highlighted too adding further depth to the curriculum being taught.

By using these interactive foldables within their daily lesson plans teachers can effectively promote active student participation making lessons on Ancient History much more intriguing!

What's Included

18 pages in PDF format

Resource Tags

Aztec history Interactive notebooks Ancient civilizations Hands-on learning Social studies aztec worksheets

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