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Antiderivatives Color by Number Activity

Antiderivatives Color by Number Activity
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Grade 11, 12



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About This Product

If you teach secondary math and are looking for engaging resources for your students, I have just the resources for you!

What You Get:

This is an Antiderivatives Color by Number Activity. It is a 4-page printable that includes a page of problems to solve, a coloring page, and an answer key for both.

How To Implement This Color by Number Activity: 

You should print off enough copies of the worksheet for each student to have. On the first page, students will find the antiderivative for each derivative on the page. They will go to the next page and colour the corresponding question number with the correct colour from the table. Students can use the answer key to check their answers before they begin coloring.

This Color by Number Activity is a great way to review these math skills. This can be completed independently. You can also have students work together to solve the problems. This is a great activity for math homework or early finishers.

I hope you enjoy!

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What's Included

1 PDF with 4 usable pages

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