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Art Movements Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK

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About This Product

Art Movements Interactive Foldable Booklets – EBOOK is a riveting teaching aid ideal for public school teachers, homeschooling parents, and students in grades 2 to 12. This dynamic resource can be used for classroom instruction or home-based learning exercises and serves as an excellent supplement to discussions about art styles or standalone lessons.

About the eBook

This interactive eBook provides an understanding of 24 significant art movements. It guides learners chronologically through art history, beginning from the Renaissance period up to modern times. By encouraging active participation in the learning process, it cultivates a lasting appreciation of art history.

Interactive Foldables

The booklets are designed as 'Interactive Foldables', hands-on tools that rejuvenate traditional textbook-style instructional methods by fostering creativity and direct interaction with learned concepts. This approach enhances memory retention and engages hesitant learners.

Content & Structure

  • The eBook is comprised of eight pages in PDF format.
  • Each page presents vital information on different art movements alongside colourful graphics,
  • Suitable for individual study sessions or group activities,
  • Ideal for integrating into existing lesson plans or using as interesting homework assignments.

User-friendly Download & Use

The PDF format allows easy download on any device with basic age-appropriate tools such as scissors and glue required to transform these pages into booklets — blending hands-on craft activities with valuable academic content seamlessly.

Merging Art & Music Education with Fun!
Including this eBook in your curriculum will greatly enrich your students' understanding of Art & Music subjects, especially about Art History. More than just imparting factual knowledge, its interactive features enormously increase student involvement, making immersive education a delightful experience.

What's Included

8 pages in PDF format

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Art movements interactive learning art history hands-on activities educational resource

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