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Asteroids, Comets and Meteors - 7 Lab Station Activities

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Grade 9, 10, 11



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About This Product

Asteroids, Comets and Meteors - 7 Lab Station Activities

A priceless teaching aid made specifically for science educators focusing on astronomy. Meant primarily for students of grades 9-11, this resource can be adapted to meet different needs. It contains seven lab station activities centered on asteroids, comets, and meteors designed to stimulate active learning with various assessment opportunities.

Station Details:

  • Station One: Sparks creativity by allowing students to draw or build related concepts.
  • Station Two: Targeted independent inquiry into issues or questions linked to asteroids, comets, and meteors.
  • Station Three: Written discourse where learners provide their view in paragraph format on a significant question.
  • Stations Four/Eight: Rest spaces giving students the chance to make up for missed assignments or prepare for upcoming ones without pressure.
  • Station Five:The application of learnings in practical settings through small reading sections directly relating classroom lessons with real-life scenarios.
    • -Focus Areas-
    - Understanding asteroid locations and uses
    - Distinguishing between meteors/meteorites/meteoroids
    - Impacts from collisions between asteroids and Earth
    - Crater creation process
    - Using asteroids/comets as fuel resources
  • >station Six: Validates understanding through multiple choice query followed by written explanations on reasoning behind chosen responses. >station Seven: Digital natives are catered for through video content coupled with related questions which compensate traditional print sources.

These lab stations also include recording sheets for students to document their findings. In turn, this simplifies the grading process for teachers while teaching students about tracking coursework. The lab stations can be utilized in various settings such as group activities, individual assignments or even as homework tasks.

In Conclusion

Critical tool in promoting comprehensive acquisition and application of knowledge. A well-structured design of the product ensures student engagement during the learning process of complex scientific concepts ideally within a stress free space.

What's Included

This lab activity covers:

- Asteroids

- Comets

- Meteors

- Using asteroids and comets for fuel

- Locations of each and how they differ

- Meteors vs. Meteorites vs. Meteoroids

- Asteroid/Earth collisions

- Craters

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