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At Home Learning Quiet Time Songs

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About This Product

At Home Learning Quiet Time Songs: Your Tranquil Teaching Companion

The At Home Learning Quiet Time Songs is a unique teaching resource offering instrumental compositions designed to foster peaceful, calm learning environments. This product offers a zip file of 11 original songs, each melding beautifully crafted melodies with soothing natural sounds.

This versatile toolkit can be used in a plethora of settings, whether it's public school classrooms, homeschooling scenarios or daycare centers.

Research indicates that early exposure to music sparks creative growth and boosts IQ performance. Additionally, it widens spatial reasoning skills and nurtures lifelong fondness for music. This forms the motivation for creating such resource – integrating the robust power of music as an enthralling tool within educational setups.

  • Themes Encompassed:
    • Blossoming gardens,
    • Gently flowing mountain streams,
    • Serene beach walks.
  • All tracks providing children with calming soundscapes to facilitate focussed learning.

Innovative Usage Scenarios:

    # At-Home Lessons & Distance-Learning Sessions
    Ideal strategy during sessions where distractions may abound. # Travelling Settings
    Works as perfect travelling companions to promote quiet time.
Educator's Advantage:

An excellent tool kit during group instruction/tutoring; Encourages tranquil environments necessary for focused education. The songs are wonderful supplemental resources for homework assignments tied up with arts & music topics – primarily targeting preschoolers/kindergartners but wonderful for all early-learning stage students.

At Home Learning Quiet Time Songs are just what you need if you're an educator desirous of pushing traditional academic limits by tapping into the influential realm of audio stimulation!

What's Included

1 zip file with 11 songs

Resource Tags

calming music peaceful learning nature sounds quiet time songs educational resource

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