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At Home Learning Zoo Animal Songs

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About This Product

At Home Learning Zoo Animal Songs

An outstanding and lively educational resource, At Home Learning Zoo Animal Songs transports you to an interactive world of zoo animals. It is tailor-made for Preschool up to Grade 2 pupils with a focal emphasis on Art & Music subjects.

Rundown on Unique Features

  • The tool is a curated collection of 20 songs, each providing informative insights into different zoo animals in a fun and entertaining manner.
  • The learners will enjoy the vivid song descriptions that help them understand more about reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and the mistaken identities like why koalas are not really bears!
  • The song titled "What Does A Zoologist Do All Day?" gives an insightful look into the life of a zoologist to pique future career interests in students.
Versatility For Teachers

This unique at-home learning tool offers flexibility across different learning environments. It could be used:

  1. In art & music sessions for group instruction,
  2. In smaller groups or pairwise discussions focusing on shared interest in animals,
  3. As reinforcement homework assignment for children's reviewed content retention and nurturing curiosity.

Digital Convenience!

A significant feature this resource caters to is its digital accessibility via one zip file inclusive of multiple file types available anytime anywhere - ideal for distant learners on-the-go!

Captivate your young learners with delightful tunes while they learn about intriguing creatures inhabiting our planet. Whether it's igniting interest in wildlife or inspiring future zoologists - At Home Learning Zoo Animal Songs makes those goals achievable effortlessly!

What's Included

1 zip file with 20 songs

Resource Tags

animal songs zoo animals educational resource art & music interactive learning

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