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About This Product

The ATTENTION, please ! - CONCENTRATION WORKBOOK : 2b | coloured .

An essential tool primarily developed for educators and homeschool parents to enhance concentration skills in students . This resource provides over 400 pages of exciting activities designed for individual or group learning .

Directions and Categories :

  • Four central themes function as visual directions: colours, shapes, numbers, and backgrounds / patterns .

  • Colour illustrations and symbols are displayed category- wise on each page .

  • Each part of the workbook includes boards where images placed match the provided visual instructions .

  • The multiple categories of images such as fruits, vegetables, toys make it a relatable resource .

Cognitive Functions Enhancement :

In addition to concentration skills enhancement this teaching resource targets cognitive functions like perception working memory planning concluding . It is suitable during occupational therapy sessions ( OT ), speech-language pathology sessions ( SLP ) and dyslexia-focused therapy sessions providing paced cognitive development opportunities .

Promotes Interactive Learning :

This workbook provokes interactive application both individually or in groups which may elicit discussion thus promote language skills hence making it an excellent asset for English lessons !

Bonus Boards :

Included at the end of this multipack book are two empty boards presenting you with the freedom to create customised activities adding fun challenges for your learners . Options also include using glue or not when pasting tasks hence catering different learner preferences .

Math Lesson Applications :
This material is equally effective when used during math lessons aiding quantity representation solving word problems building comprehension around basic mathematical operations. Digital- ready Resource .
This product comes bundled ready-to-use since it's formatted as a PDF file proving on-the-touch digital convenience . This vital resource has something to offer for each learner, making teaching and learning attention and concentration skills an enjoyable journey .

433 - page PDF .

Resource Tags

concentration skills cognitive functions visual cues interactive learning language skills attention concentration centers independent work words aside

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