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Auditory Memory Activity Boom Cards

An educational teaching resource from Colleen's Cosmic Collection entitled Auditory Memory Activity Boom Cards downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Auditory Memory Activity Boom Cards

The Auditory Memory Activity Boom Cards can be defined as a flexible resource for teachers nurturing students from preschool to Grade 3. This inventive asset is applicable in both physical and virtual classrooms.

The primary goal of this teaching tool is to promote the enhancement of auditory memory among children through an easy-to-understand approach. Using this resource stimulates their listening skills, combined with cognitive function. The outcome involves children grasping and carrying out instructions around shapes and colors.

Process Outline

  • The activity kicks off with straightforward stages where pupils hear explicit guidance about placing a color or shape in a basket.
  • As they progress, the intricacy increases gradually with each instruction moderating the flow, thereby facilitating adequate challenges coupled with incremental learning opportunities.

In conclusion, students are meant to remember two factors: both shape and color assignments concurrently. Thus this proves their multitasking ability while also imparting knowledge on short term memory building exercises- making it suitable for brain training activities that kids will find enjoyable whilst gaining critical life skills.

About the Set

This set consists of nine Boom Cards in total; four cards dedicated explicitly for providing lucid auditory orders and another four cards guiding learners through executing previous instructions received. Notably, these Boom Cards provide immediate feedback allowing "self-checking".

Fostering Independent Thinking & Growth Mindset

The brain-teaser activity presents an interactive drag-and-drop layout that can be easily integrated into your curriculum encouraging independent thinking among young learners thus fostering growth mindset especially in implementing Special Education Needs (SEN) lessons irrespective of whether it's small group settings or whole class scenarios centrally focusing on enhancing key learning attributes such as attentive listening coupled with coherent thinking – all within a sole dynamic platform!

What's Included

9 Boom Cards altogether

1 instruction card

4 cards with auditory instructions that students will need to follow on the next card.

4 cards for students to carry out the instructions they received on the previous card

Interactive drag and drop format

Boom Cards are self-checking and students get instant feedback!

Teacher information

Resource Tags

auditory memory listening skills cognitive development brain training interactive learning

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