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Back to School Alphabet

An educational teaching resource from I Heart Grade 3 entitled Back to School Alphabet downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Back to School Alphabet Posters

The Back to School Alphabet Posters are an invaluable teaching resource, perfectly crafted for developing the literacy skills amongst young learners. This colorful package consists of 26 engaging posters - each presenting a letter from the alphabet, personified through vivid illustrations and clear uppercase and lowercase formations.

  • Each poster integrally represents both uppercase and lowercase alphabets.
  • Vibrant images corresponding with the letters enhance student engagement and vocabulary development.
  • Ideally suited for multi-grade learners thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Dynamically designed to effectively grab student attention which aids in reinforcing information retention constantly.

This educational resource aptly supplements teaching strategies for teachers seeking progression in early-literacy development or even parents intent on bolstering their child's home-based learning journey. For long-lasting use, it’s ideal printing these posters on cardstock paper followed by lamination!

About the File

The file includes 26 vibrantly colored alphabet posters displaying uppercase letters, lowercase letters with corresponding pictures and words providing ease of understanding that boosts active engagement among children. While primarily designed as teacher resources, it comfortably caters first-third-grade students extending its utility past classrooms into homes making it user-friendly for homeschooling parents too!

In Conclusion,
These Back-to-School-Alphabet-Posters offer an effective approach towards fostering initial literacy growth. They offer versatility in implementation - small groups assignments or whole classroom discussions hence proving themselves as a must-have tool not just for teachers but homeschooling parents too!

What's Included

This file includes:

* 26 full coloured alphabet posters with upper case letters, lower case letters, pictures, and words

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alphabet posters literacy development visual aid vocabulary enhancement educational resource

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