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Back to School Stations Activity | First Day of School

Back to School Stations Activity | First Day of School
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About This Product

Do you want to break the monotony of the first day back to school? Start the year off setting the stage with an engaging and easy to use stations activity! Get your students moving, collaborating and thinking about the year in 5 stations perfect for any students. 

1. Syllabus Scavenger Hunt - with standard questions that are typically in ANY syllabus!

2. Goal Setting - have students identify an academic AND a personal goal for the year

3. Classroom Rules - have groups collaborate by brainstorming 5 classroom rules that they should follow this year

4. Getting to Know You - ALSO A GOOGLE FORM OPTION AVAILABLE - start building relationships with your students by having them answer some questions about themselves

5. Skills to be Successful - have groups collaborate by identifying 9 skills that they should use this year to be successful in the classroom.

2020 update: Both Microsoft and Google digital options have been added to this product! Perfect for going paperless (or distance learning!) 

Detailed lesson plans to help with digital questions has been added as well.

Each station comes with a worksheet and a direction stations plate. A brief lesson plan guide is also provided for the teacher. 

Perfect for ANY subject!

Welcome back to school, friends!

What's Included

- Detailed lesson plan

- Digital choice board (PPT)

- Digital choice board (Google Slide)

- Printable stations

Resource Tags

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