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Baking Do A Dot

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About This Product

Baking Do A Dot Teaching Resource

Engage your students and foster their fine motor skills with this all-inclusive Baking Themed Do A Dot activity packet. This resource delivers a unique cross-curricular approach, combining elements of art and cooking to create an engaging, hands-on experience for early learners in public schools, special education environments, and home education settings.

Included in the Package:

The teaching resource includes 13 pages of printable worksheets. These materials are versatile and suitable for various uses:

  • Morning work
  • Sub plans
  • Indoor recess activities,
  • Seasonal themes or fast finisher tasks.

Skill Building Goals:

The Baking Do A Dot not only offers stimulating activities for students but also supports their developmental journey by improving bilateral hand coordination, fine motor skills and visual perceptual abilities. It invites children to manipulate do a dot marker independently; learning how to twist open the maker while controlling the amount of pressure applied protects paper from leakages hence developing greater precision.


Furthermore, it adapts easily to meet varied needs! Whether your students are sitting at desks or laying prone on scooters incorporating movement into learning time - the flexibility factor makes this tool an asset in diverse classrooms. Keeping theme specificity in mind; you will find 15 different baking related items illustrated (apron, baking sheet mixing bowl butter chef's hat egg measuring cup milk oven mix mixer spatula mixing spoon muffin).

Last but not least Baking Do A Dot provides numerous opportunities for social sharing across digital platforms! Downloadable Teaching Resources: Remember that this product is easy-to-download PDF file type suited ideally designed with educators' convenience in mind. Catering to early learning, preschool, and kindergarten grade levels - make learning fun with this wonderful teaching resource.

What's Included

15 pages of Baking Do A Dots!

Items included:


-baking sheet

-mixing bowl


-chef's hat


-measuring cup


-oven mix



-mixing spoon


Resource Tags

baking fine motor skills do a dot activity cross-curricular hands-on learning

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