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BEST Preschool Songs

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About This Product

Preschoolers love to sing, dance, move, clap, and just have fun. This collection of Preschool songs is perfect for early learners to learn numbers, counting, colors, shapes, the alphabet, manners, and so much more. Young children will learn about the "buddy system," in "Two Is Safer Than One," and that manners are important in, "Say Please and Thank You!" Perfect for at-home learning, preschool classrooms, daycare centers, rainy day adventures, or traveling.

Songs Included:

1. Down By The Bay

2. Ten In The Bed
3. How Many Ducks
4. One Lonely Bird
5. Counting To Ten
6. If You’re Happy And You Know It
7. Froggy, You’re So Green
8. Two Is Safer Than One
9. Colors01:28$0.99 – Add to Cart
11. Shapes In The World
12. Dress For The Weather
13. Just Get Dressed
14. Old MacDonald’s Letter Farm
15. Singing The Seasons
16. A Is For Alligator
17. Follow My Directions
18. Days Of The Week
19. Can You Swing Your Arms?
20. Say “Please” And “Thank You”
21. It’s Time To Clean Up

  1. 22. Let Everyone Clap Hands Like Me
    23. I Can Wiggle
    24. The Wheels On The Bus
    25. Do You Know What Has A Trunk?

What's Included

1 zip file with 25 songs

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