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Biography: Arkansas Representatives

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About This Product

Biography: Arkansas Representatives

An incredible informational resource tailored specifically for grade 5 to grade 8 students. It provides detailed biographical information on the current U.S. Representatives from Arkansas as of December 2022, neatly presented in engaging PowerPoint format.

The featured representatives include:

  • Rick Crawford (R), representing AR 1st district,

  • French Hill (R), standing for AR 2nd district,

  • Steve Womack (R), allied with AR 3rd district, and

  • Bruce Westerman (R), campaigning in the AR 4th district.

The resource allows young learners to delve deeper with biographical details such as:

  • Birth date and city,

  • Schooling history and degrees earned,

  • Past professional experiences, including previous elected positions held, and

  • Description of notable personal accomplishments.

This ample-sized teaching supplement offers a whopping total of 150 pages . The material content is spread across four individual PowerPoint presentations wrapped together in a zip file format.

Educators can conveniently guide students through a comprehensive exploration about who their incumbent Arkansas representatives are while using this prime educational tool!

Mainly intended for:

  1. Social Studies classes or homeschooling activities focusing on American Government at state level or Biographies lessons or History studies concerning USA governance structure


This educational tool is flexible enough to be tailored for various learning settings:

  • Whole group instruction

  • The formation of small, interactive study groups

  • Independent assignments for students requiring an extra study challenge.

Whether you're interested in narrating entire career arcs of state representatives or explaining government structures even down to local level - Biography: Arkansas Representative is primed and ready to deliver!

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