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Birthday Do A Dot Art Packet

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About This Product

Birthday Do A Dot Art Packet: The Effective Learning Resource

The Birthday Do A Dot Art Packet offers a fun and engaging crayon-free solution for teachers and homeschoolers seeking an interactive activity that supports the development of essential skills such as fine motor control, visual perception, bilateral hand coordination, and more. Carefully designed for early learners including preschoolers, kindergarteners and those catering to special education needs (SEN), this product is doubles as a delightful teaching tool and a developmental resource.

Each packet comes with 24 pages of printables divided between vibrant color versions and poignant black-and-white illustrations providing variety for young students. These worksheets are adorned with recognisable birthday symbols such as:

  • Balloons
  • Candles
  • Cupcakes
  • Party poppers etc.

This packet effortlessly integrates into your existing curriculum while providing opportunities for children to work independently on specific tasks. Moreover, it can be easily adapted to meet individual student needs altering factors like position whether seated at a desk or prone on the floor.

Teachers find its versatility ideal for morning work assignments or sub plans when regular schedules are disrupted. It also serves as perfect indoor recess activities during weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. For quick learners seeking extra tasks or sudden fillers these worksheets come handy.

A year-round asset!

This Birthday Do A Dot Art Packet is valuable all year round – supporting skill reinforcement alongside fostering creative expression among young minds. Also available are additional thematic packets expanding options for educators inclusive of every season ensuring learning always feels fresh... always new.

What's Included

There are 24 pages of fun in the Birthday Q-Tip Art Packet. 12 pages are in black and white and 12 pages are in color!


-birthday cake

-birthday card


-slice of birthday cake



-gift bag


-party hat

-party popper

-star balloon

Resource Tags

birthday do a dot fine motor skills visual perception bilateral coordination

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