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Black Death Notebook

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Black Death Notebook

This teaching material is a thorough and comprehensive unit created for educators to teach their students about the historical Black Plague event of the 1300s.

List of topics covered in this Black Death Notebook resource:

  • The Medieval Warm Period

  • Origins of the plague

  • Characteristics of Bubonic and Pneumonic plagues

  • Societal reactions during that era

  • Misconceptions about causes and cures at that time,

  • Scapegoating trends among communities during periods of crisis like this one was in history;

    - It further explains scientific reasoning behind real causes for such disastrous historical events.

  • Additionally, it includes:

    - Elaboration on territorial impacts
    - Discussion on sociopolitical effects.

    Suitable for grade levels 9 through to 12 focusing primarily on European History under Social Studies.

    Interactive Features are fun!

    This product's interactive nature allows students to use various graphic elements included in this resource pack. These graphics help learners create informative guided notebooks or booklets, thereby fostering autonomy over content pacing while efficiently organizing information.

    Included Activities:

  • Crossword designed for learning with fun. Purposeful questions stimulating critical thinking

  • Complementary Products That Provide Contextual Backdrop

    In addition, two closely related products detailing feudal system antecedent manor systems provide a profound contextual backdrop leading earlier eras towards occurrences like these.

  • These ancillary materials enrich lesson plans by giving a greater view of medieval period life spanned across Middle Ages enveloping subtopics like development medieval castles, knights, warfare, etc.

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Black Death Medieval History Plague Studies Interactive Learning European History

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