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Boho Rainbow Classroom Positive Affirmation Station Kit

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About This Product

The Boho Rainbow Classroom Positive Affirmation Station Kit assists educators in decorating their learning spaces with uplifting messages. This customizable resource features a bright, rainbow-themed design that aims to boost students' self-confidence. The Affirmation Station Kit is an editable PowerPoint presentation formatted for letter-sized paper. Educators can easily modify the display by resizing visual elements and changing the affirmation text. Possible applications include posting messages on a classroom bulletin board or printing handouts for student notebooks. Teachers may utilize this resource for the whole class or small groups needing an esteem boost. The vibrant rainbow palette and uplifting affirmations create an encouraging environment conducive to student growth. This versatile classroom décor item allows educators to spotlight positivity in their unique teaching style.

What's Included

♥ Ready to print PDF Files (not editable)

♥ Microsoft PowerPoint Files (editable)


♥ 4 big headers – 10 x 6 inches

♥ 4 small headers – 10 x 3.5 inches

♥ 60 round affirmation cards – 4.5 in

♥ 60 square affirmation cards – 4 in


Colors may vary depending on screen’s resolution.


• For pdf file - ADOBE ACROBAT READER.

You can get it for free

• For pptx file - Microsoft PowerPoint (2010 or later version)

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