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Book Companion Activities: "Dreamers"

Book Companion Activities: "Dreamers"
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About This Product

Book Companion Activities: Dreamers

This is a comprehensive learning pack which is designed to accompany Yuyi Morales' beautifully illustrated journey-'Dreamers' during Hispanic Heritage Month. This resource is suitable for students in grades 3 through 5.

Comprehension Skills Development:
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Text Analysis
  • Character Assessment

'Dreamers', ideally read aloud in class, aims to ignite meaningful discussions and spark self-reflection amongst its readers. It comprises of various creative tasks such as crafting a dream board, sharing favorite books, or interpreting symbols evident within the illustrations.

User Engagement:
This product not only instigates deep-dive discussions via reader response questions but also provides practical writing assignments that encourage students to articulate personal opinions ratified with textual evidence utilizing higher-order cognition skills.
Variety in Usage:
While well-suited for group teaching sessions around fundamental literacy concepts like character traits or comparing primary texts with author notes-the resource can be seamlessly adapted towards small study groups or individual homework activities. Simplification & Retention Strategies:
Vocabulary page presentations simplify complex words while fillable note pages facilitate active learning where new terminologies are retained easily.

Collaborative & Individual Exercises include:

  • Analyzing literature circles for supplementary reading activities.
  • Crafting an imaginary bag filled with gifts while relocating countries - stimulates creative thinking at an individual level.
  • A fitting tool enhancing comprehension across various Literature and Language Arts subjects amidst school-themed holiday conversations such as Hispanic Heritage Month!

    Please Note: Whilst this resource includes extension read-aloud activities, the actual book itself is not part of the package.
    File type: PDF
    Sub subjects: Comprehension, Reading & Literature
    Type: Worksheets, Graphic Organizers, Book Companion Activities.

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