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Botany / Dendrology Leaf Identification Activity

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Botany/Dendrology Leaf Identification Activity is a great resource to have your students explore nature and identify the different leaves.

This Botany/Dendrology Leaf Identification Activity presents a word bank with the names of leaves to be matched with a series of 8 different pictures of leaves to be identified. Students can either find the leaves first, match them with the picture and then place the name. Or backwards, first identify the name, and then find the actual leaves outdoors. Alternatively, your students may also collect the leaves outside and then make a collage with them while also identifying their names.

This Botany/Dendrology Leaf Identification Activity resource is designed for students in middle school though it can be used with younger students as well. With younger students you may play guessing games to write down the names of leaves as well, then place them in alphabetical order!

The Botany/Dendrology Leaf Identification Activity includes an answer key for teachers to have the names of each leave presented ahead of time and help students learn the names of each of the 8 leaves presented on the page.

Botany/Dendrology Leaf Identification Activity is a ready to print and use resource!

What's Included

This is a 2 page PDF.

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