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"Boycott Blues" Book Companion (Rosa Parks)

"Boycott Blues" Book Companion (Rosa Parks)
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About This Product


The Boycott Blues Book Companion is a comprehensive and engaging teaching resource targeting public school teachers, homeschoolers, and educators. This product is a picture book companion supplementing Andrea Davis Pinkney's book, 'Boycott Blues: How Rosa Parks Inspired a Nation'. It contains 31 printable reading activities that are tailor-made to be adapted according to the students' needs and academic abilities.


In this tool, students partake in various activities that encourage continuous learning such as:

  • Character Investigation
  • Identification of Story Elements
  • Determination of Theme
  • In-depth analysis of Symbolism in Color and Illustrations.
  • These exercises not only enhance higher-level thinking skills but also foster an ethos requiring them to find supporting text evidence for their ideas.

Versatility and adaptability:

This resource can be implemented during whole-group sessions or small group discussions where an analysis of characters or discussion around story events takes place. It can also serve as homework depending on your classroom requirements. In terms of alignment, it fits well with topics such as black history, women in history, biographies.

Additional features:

  • Making Predictions where students make assertions about what the book might contain based on its front cover.
  • Summary writing exercises based on organizer framework which encourages summarizing abilities.
  • A focus area identifying problem & solutions evident within the story drawing conclusion skills..
With all these elements combined into one tool provides immense value by saving valuable time needed for finding exclusive resources necessary for teaching pecular reading concepts kids often struggle with. Note: This product only includes extension read-aloud activities so you'll need your own copy of 'Boycott Blues: How Rosa Parks Inspired a Nation '. These PDF files are designed to support learning endeavors across grade 3 -6 with subjects such as Holidays & Language Arts and subsubjects like MLK day celebrations, Women's History Month, Black History Month, Reading Comprehension among others.

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