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About This Product

Build a Puzzle Graphics: A Comprehensive Resource for Educators

Build a Puzzle Graphics is an all-encompassing resource, containing several unique graphic elements that may be used in educational settings or incorporated into teaching resources. Serving foremost as a clipart resource, it offers both colored and line art drawings included in an impressive suite of 120 individual pieces and two background panels.

This package is not bound to any specific grade level, making it highly adaptable for various learning levels and environments. It smoothly transitions from pre-school kids doing their first puzzle-building activities to high school students exploring abstract concepts via puzzles.

Main Focus: Resources for Teachers

The vital subject focus here is "Resources for Teachers," implying that this product primarily assists educational professionals looking for interactive and innovative teaching methods. These graphics could be used during lessons where students on smartboards assemble the puzzle pieces together as part of an exciting group activity or individually assigned homework tasks requiring them to devise stories using the provided elements.

= Cross-Curricular Adaptability =
  • Literary Mime Game: One day you might find yourself using these resources in English class to match character traits.
  • Biology Puzzles Match: The next day you might use them in Biology curriculum to link conditions of plant growth."
      Digital Mediums Compatibility with PNG files: The graphics are distributed as PNG files which can effortlessly adapt to digital mediums thanks to their lossless compression ability maintaining excellent quality at high resolutions.

      In conclusion, Build a Puzzle Graphics allows meaningful integration between creativity and education by incorporating different methods such as whole group sessions, interactions within small cohorts or single assignments tailored per need. Because when learning feels like playing, there is always more engagement!

What's Included

120 individual pieces including 2 panels for the background.

32 complete puzzles (4 designs - 7 colors and line art for each design)

Resource Tags

interactive learning teacher resources clip art educational graphics cross-curricular

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